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Release date for Critical Hit and PLAION’s new interactive noir story revealed alongside a gameplay trailer

8th June​, 2024 – Critical Hit Games and PLAION are excited to today reveal Nobody Wants to Die, an interactive noir story set in a dystopian New York City, will be releasing on July 17th, 2024, with an exclusive first look at the detective, narrative adventure gameplay.  

The gameplay teaser trailer showcases the signature investigation methods Nobody Wants to Die is built upon, highlighting the captivating mechanics players will utilise to uncover evidence and analyse clues in the enigmatic city. The teaser highlights a variety of in-game investigation tools featured in Nobody Wants to Die’s first crime scene, including UV lamp to analyse blood splatter patterns, hand-held x-ray to peek beneath the surface and time manipulation techniques. Watch until the end for a glimpse at some of the investigations available later in the game!   

“Our priority is to deliver a great narrative and graphical experience in our dystopian world.” says Critical Hit Games CEO and Lead Game Designer, Grzegorz Goleń. “In Nobody Wants to Die, we give the player an opportunity to investigate a killer and uncover the dark secrets of the city, using the innovative in-game tools and their own moral compass as a guide.” 

From their approach to crafting immersive and meaningful narratives, with innovative gameplay mechanics and cutting-edge visuals, indie Polish studio, Critical Hit Games is committed to crafting a unique gaming experience in Nobody Wants to Die.  

“It’s like two pieces of a puzzle that fit so well together,” says Critical Hit Games’ Co-Founder and Game Producer, Artur Jaskólski. “The dynamic and spectacular investigations the player can conduct, sets a new bar for in-game narratives and cinematics. We aimed to reflect the maximum level of realism supported by exceptional visual effects to immerse players in New York, 2329.” 

Lose yourself in Nobody Wants to Die’s sci-fi world launching July 17th, 2024, on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and PC via ​​Steam. 

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Product Details:  
Title: Nobody Wants to Die  
Release Date: 2024 
Platform: PC, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 
Genre: Interactive Story  
Developer: Critical Hit Games 
Publisher: PLAION 
Players: Single Player 

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